Our Story...

What a week it’s been! We hatched the idea to start a website offering home decor this past March. With the pandemic in full swing, we figured more people are doing their shopping online and this would be a fairly low risk endeavor. We've both always had a passion for interior design, but our careers couldn't have been further from this field. Nancy has been retired for several years now, and I will be coming up on my retirement next year. We thought what better time than now to start looking forward to my next career! And Nancy was bored...lol. With this new venture, we finally get to combine a love of design while carefully curating beautiful and unique items, and then we get to share them with our community!

Fast forward a little bit - we made the decision at the end of summer (while we were still working to get the website up and running) that we should open a retail store. Our reasoning - there are very few options in the area where we were able to find the pieces we wanted to decorate our homes with. Lethbridge is a little bit further than I like to drive and I love checking out other small town shops. That's usually where I find those fun one of a kind pieces. It's also another way for us to be able to share what we've been working on with our community. We were lucky enough to find a cute little space on Main Street in Blairmore. September and October were spent securing a lease and renovating our space. November was training month - once we had our retail system up and running and had sat through a few training sessions, we were ready to open. The website went live at about the same time and we've already seen some online sales. It's been a fabulous first week and we're excited to serve our little community in this way! 

We have lots of new and exciting products in store and arriving soon - we promise to keep you updated as they arrive!

All the best,


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